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I googled ‘swimming pigeon’ once and I still haven’t recovered from this picture



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Dragon Snake (Xenodermus javanicus)

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For a non-profit project called the Wall Art Festival, Japanese artist Yusuke Asai decorated a classroom of the Niranjana School in Sujata Village, which is located in the impoverished Bihar state of northeastern India. Asai used seven different types of local mud, cow dung, dirt, dust, ash and straw to create an intricate and immersive mural that completely covered the walls and ceiling of the classroom.

The Niranjana School was founded using donations from Japanese students and continues to maintain a connection with Japan. The Wall Art Festival strives to bring both local and Japanese artists into the school who use the school itself as a canvas and interact with the students. It also seeks to raise awareness about and help resolve numerous poverty, education and employment issues faced by small, isolated villages such as Sujata.

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Joachim Tielke, Bass viol, 1700. Rosewood back and pine soundboard, engraved ivory, inlaid tortoiseshell, ivory stringing. Hamburg, Germany. Via V&A

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The Crystal Method | Trip Like I Do


Spessartine Garnet
Hercules Dike, California

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